a wolf

she walked fast, to keep ahead of her fear, and it felt as though syrio forel walked beside her, and yoren, and jaqen h'ghar, and jon snow ― sara, italy, multifandom +
not a lady



Because I need more blogs to follow
(and I’m really really bored)

  • must be following arya stark
  • reblog this (likes are for Muggles)
  • send me a song/book/show you like and tell me which blograte you want (GoT/HP/Super Detailed)
  • I will start doing them when this post reaches 5 notes I really hope it reaches 20 or something like that
  • you can ask for blogrates any time you like, it doesn’t matter if you are asking for it a month later just don’t forget to follow and reblog!

Rates will look like:

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